Monday, 20 January 2014



Today certainly didn't disappoint!   The sun shone with comforting warmth as we assembled at Ein Kerem for a celebration Mass followed by a lovely lunch.   A gathering of around 100, Sisters and Brothers of Sion of many nationalities plus religious from neighbouring orders and Associates and students from overseas.   

During the course of the Mass five languages were used: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Hebrew,  The Gospel was John 2:1-11, and the celebrant preached about  wine as a source of joy and life, but also that if we want miracles then we have to ask for them, but also be prepared to be obedient - Mary said 'Do as He tells you.'  Then expect the best.    That was the gist of it I believe but the priest's voice was not very loud, he was French which made understanding more difficult, and there was no amplification.  He did encourage us also to enjoy our wine with lunch.

The meal was lovely and the whole celebration offered an opportunity to catch up Sisters I met last year and to meet newcomers including two Associates (lay supporters of Sion) who were on a two week visit to  Ecce Homo from America.  All in all it was a wonderful time and an amazing privilege to be there. Gatherings such as this make me think this is how heaven is going to be!

In the afternoon back down to earth  I set myself the task of organising the mobile phones, my personal one and the Bat Kol one which I shall be using.   There is a phone shop on Emek Refa'im, so with my best  'Do you speak English please' I set about asking the shopkeeper to sort the phones out for me.

All is now well: following the purchase of an Israeli simcard my own mobile number is now 0526728621 and the Bat Kol one is 0547342227.   Hopefully, my own phone will no longer charge me £1.49 per minute to call and to receive.

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