Tuesday, 21 January 2014


I got the bus down to Emek Refa'im about 10 a.m. and went to the supermarket to buy something for lunch in the office and for a first foray into cooking.  There are no readymade
sandwiches around so lunch was a DIY of very nice bread rolls, sliced cheese (? my family will probably understand the question mark), houmous and tomatoes,  washed down with cranberry juice,  followed by some lovely pastries,, and finally coffee.   A feast for a working lunch in 
an absolutely lovely office. in a beautiful convent filled with God's peace.

I spent some time reading through the folder on last year's course - a huge amount of work went into it as one might imagine.  I refuse to be daunted - don't do daunted - because I know I'm here in response to God's calling  and all will be well.

What a privilege to be here in this beautiful Land, under blue skies, almost blinding sunlight, and to be at Bat Kol - I still think I'm going to wake up in a minute.

Back at Ratisbonne I decided to pass on cooking this evening as I still have some bread rolls,
and would like to eat them whilst they're still fresh, and there's some lovely beef and chicken in the fridge - frustration though is that I bought a large jar of olives several days ago and so far the lid is stuck fast.   There's never a strong man who could open them  when I go into the kitchen but they'll keep.

The mobile numbers which I put in yesterday's post  need to be preceded by the international code, which for UK is  00972 and the first 0 of the phone number dropped. 

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