Friday, 21 March 2014

Can it really be 9th March when I last wrote anything.   So much has happened and such a journey.  So much spirituality and self-revelation.

WEEK COMMENCIING 10TH MARCH - this was the week of answered prayer for rain, also the week of some missed appointments because of the rain.    How it rained  and thundered on some days but the rain is certainly needed - but was it enough.

Tuesday, 11th March:  Saw the film 'Nabraska' on Tuesday - this is the second film I have seen here and stayed awake.  Those who know me will my epitaph will be 'Fell asleep and missed the end'.  Although this film has a lot of humour, there was also a lot of pathos.  The main character, an old man thought by his nearest and dearest to be somewhat demented, was really a product of how life, and his family, had treated him.   It was so good to see how his son came through for his father in the end.  Catch it if you can, and be prepared for new insights into how people lives are affected and  can be damaged by those who are closest to them.    Please don't keep telling someone they're a fool and they could become one.   We are called to love, that is to cherish and respect all, from those closest to those we don't even know!  Supper with friends after the film ended the day with a real blessing.

Who does not hunger for friendship, understanding, warmth and love.
Let us loend strength to one another and pray for the welfare of this community.
Mishkan T'Filah

'This community' may be our own families.

Wednesday, 12 March:  Another inspiring morning at the Christ Church Women's Bible Study.  I've probably said before, but what a group this is - such testimony, so prayerful, such a sense of God's presence among us.  After that, back to business, a snack lunch finished by about 1.30 -  should be easy to get to the office for three o'clock Skype with Murray.   OOOOer.  It would be if there was a bus!  I don't do buses in England for this very reason.  The time spent at bus stops is huge.  Finally,
if I was to make that call it had to be a taxi.  And so taxi it was and  I made the call!  Murray is a great guy and it's a pleasure to be working with him.

Now the highspot of today was  to be a talk at Christ Church in the evening.  The topic was
'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly' based on the Book of Esther on which the speaker took her PhD.
This also is the book of this weekend's big celebtration of Purim.  OOOps,  it all went wrong again.  Left the office about 5.30 ish, waited and waited and waited for the bus.  The rain pounded, the thunder rolled, and I decided that if a bus ever came I would go home to Ratisbonne.   So, I'm sorry but I never heard tht talk which I replaced with  a lovely phone call with my friend, Jan.

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