Friday, 12 July 2013


This is another 'bulk update' due to difficulties with wifi, timing of programme and overall 'busyness'

TUESDAY, 09.07.13

The day started at 8 a.m. with Siddur Prayer with Maureena, a beautiful start to the day.
The theme for the day was a special prayer to thank God for our souls and His protection of them
during sleep.   The question was where do our souls go when we sleep, and Maureena's lovely
thought is that God 'cleans and polishes them all up' and they are returned to us pure to start the new
day.  The session gave a good time for meditation.   What a blessed basis on which to place the day's

For the remainder of the day we had two lectures on Leviticus in the morning, and a wonder two hour
Hebrew lesson in the afternoon.  

We have formed a Liturgy Committee - before you think it I've not joined because I've missed meetings but
because it is a fantastic opportunity to plan worship together with the other denominations who are here.
The usual situation exists regarding non-Roman Catholic being excluded from receiving the Sacrament but I was aware of this before and have come equipped with the Reserve Sacrament which I consecrated when I celebrated for the Patronal Festival  on my 10th Anniversary.  I will share this sacred provision with others who are excluded in this way and  wish to receive when we attend the Mass.   The next one will be at The Galilee on Sunday.

Bulk update has to finish here for the moment as time is pressing to get ready to attend the Synagogue and then Shabbat meal.   More later.   Shabbat Shalom.

Group photographs, and opening ceremony are below:

Bat Kol symbols at Opening Ceremony

Books  handed out at Opening Ceremony

We start to assemble for the Ceremony

Maureena continuing to inspire us all 

Classroom session.