Thursday, 4 July 2013

Nearly there!

It has taken me longer today to travel to Luton than it should take tomorrow to reach Jerusalem!
However, I am writing this as planes, mainly Easyjet, take off past my window and my destination
is now tantalisingly close.   Next time I write it will be from Jerusalem.

Till then, I share with you a blessing which my Prayer Guide read for me yesterday when we met briefly:

For the Traveler by John O'Donohue

Every time you leave home, 
another road takes you 
into a world you were never in. 
New strangers on other paths await. 
New places that have never seen you 
will startle a little at your entry. 
Old places that know you well 
will pretend nothing 
changed since your last visit. 
When you travel, you find yourself 
alone in a different way, 
more attentive now 
to the self you bring along, 
your more subtle eye watching you abroad; 
and how what meets you 
touches that part of the heart 
that lies low at home: 
How you unexpectedly attune 
to the timbre in some voice, 
opening in conversation 
You want to take in 
to where your longing 
has pressed hard enough 
Inward, on some unsaid dark, 
To create a crystal of insight 
You could not have known you needed 
To illuminate your way. 

May this be a great blessing to you, wherever your journey is taking you. 

Catch you again soon.

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