Monday, 8 July 2013

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As the wifi is working now, I'm updating for Saturday - Monday;

SATURDAY 06.07.13
Well settled in now, and ready to go.   Spent the morning in the garden studying
Hebrew, and then took taxi  with Carolina, Bella, Vid and Curtis to the Old City.
Amazing!  I’ve attached some photos.  In the evening we had a pre-Course

SUNDAY 07.07.13
Back to the Old City again, but this time walked with Ann and Kristen.   I went to
Communion at Christ Church – a beautiful service, wonderful worship, terrific
Sermon by their Australian Deacon.   Prayer ministry afterwards – all excellent.
Then I joined the others to walk back – phew, only just made it back in time for

First session in afternoon was Introductions, followed by our first lecture on
Jewish/Christian Relationship.

In the evening we had the official opening of the Course. This was held in the
garden and  a lovely time during which we received from Maureena Fritz and 
the team the books we shall be working with and we were able to meet some of the
Professors who will be lecturing over the next three weeks.

MONDAY 08.07.13

Now we’ve really started!  
Breakfast at 7, and Siddur (morning prayer) at 8.  Maureena will take this each morning, and today was a beautiful start  as we sang the Shema, and spent time  on the names for God – my favourite is Shechina (the Divine Presence); this was  followed by silent reflection.

First lecture was  from Kasia who gave us an introduction to the Talmud – I’m going to need to revisit that one!

Second lecture from Pierre Lenhardt of the ND Order of Sion,  on Parashat Vayikra ‘An opening to Leviticus 1:1’

After lunch there was a trip to the site of the First Temple, but as this was a four hour walking expedition on a very hot day, I stayed at St Charles and majored on my Hebrew again – battled a bit with the Talmud too!
St Charles Hospice:

St Charles Hospice Garden:

Another view of the garden:

Damascus Gate to the Old City of Jerusalem

Arriving at Damascus Gate

Via Dolorosa

Beautiful icon outside of a shop on the Via Dolorosa

With Carolina, Bella, Vid and Curtis at entrance to Ecce Homo
Basilica at Ecce Homo
View from rooftop of Ecce Homo
Commemorative wall hanging in Ecce Homo
Plaque on a wall on Via Dolorosa
Still in the Old City
A fantastic chapel in the Old City
Shrine at the birthplace of the Blessed Virgin Mary

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